The Wired World in 2015

Following up from the previous post, I also wrote an article for the “Wired World in 2015” special issue. I wrote this in 2014, and I talked about how users would increasingly become part of a tech tribe attached to one company. View PDF Reflecting on this as 2015 has just finished, the prediction seems… Continue reading The Wired World in 2015

The Wired World in 2014

I wrote a short article for Wired UK recently, published in the “Wired World in 2014” special issue. My goal was to illustrate how the changing dynamic between the west and China will affect western electronics consumers. View PDF With thanks as always to David Baker for his continued support and guidance.

Apple and Adidas

If you spend any time (as I do) on the number 51 bus, you may note the popularity of Adidas among a particular segment of consumers. They aren’t coming back from the gym – it’s just default clothing. They bought Adidas rather than the unbranded variety not because it’s cheaper or better quality. When consumers… Continue reading Apple and Adidas

Mobile apps vs native apps

There’s a lot of guff around on the battle between mobile apps versus web apps. There is guff because companies have made investments one way or the other, and want to believe that they made the right choice. So let’s be succinct. There are only two things to be concerned with: Can a user find… Continue reading Mobile apps vs native apps

Testing for the user’s experience

Testing your product isn’t only about user interface – where a user gets confused, and so on. It’s also about uncovering niggly little problems like this: They aren’t the only ones. Here’s Amazon, which has free super-saver delivery in the US for orders over $25: This is an opportunity for an online store to delight… Continue reading Testing for the user’s experience

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Unsubscribe easily

I hit “unsubscribe”, only to see this: Worse: completing it doesn’t get you a confirmation that you’re unsubscribed, or even that they’ll think about. I wanted to write “you smell like a week old fish” in each of the confirmation fields, but then I definitely wouldn’t be unsubscribed. Original site

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Microsoft Word replacements

Microsoft Word is on the way out. I’ll explain. Every new tool for circulating information used a mental model similar to the previous one. Check it out: The typewriter was a replacement for writing. Both output to paper, but typing was neater. Memos were created and paper was pushed from desk to desk. The original… Continue reading Microsoft Word replacements