Handshake Protocol

People shake hands differently in the United States. In the business setting, it seems the same – opposite hands of the two participants, fingers down, thumb apart and up. Points to note: Handshakes need to be firm, regardless of anything. Firm handshakes indicate determination (or that you read this post). An NLP person would say… Continue reading Handshake Protocol

American Woman

Obviously, one of the topics of conversation here is dating Americans, and it appears that things are a little more complicated here than usual. Some of my new American friends have laid out the landscape for me, so I pass it on to you. In the UK, it’s usual to ask someone out on a… Continue reading American Woman

More First Impressions

Odd: I don’t drive, so I’ve avoided any head on collisions – but I’m having to get used to actually walking on the right of a path against a flow of people coming the other way. I’ve noticed this in Europe too, so I should be used to it.

First Impressions

I have arrived. The weather is fantastic. I certainly don’t miss UK weather, where one has the impression that people are being watered like plants. However, I understand that in a couple of weeks the weather will turn sharply for the worse, and I may be envying the UK their drizzle. The work is hard,… Continue reading First Impressions