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  • MBA value in the US and Europe

    I’ve often wondered why there is such a difference between how MBAs are viewed in Europe and the US. It may be obvious, but here’s my take – it’s cultural, and the reason why lies in cheap ads. Here’s a sign I caught while waiting in line at a currency exchange: Do you see that? […]

  • MBA Books

    Here are the most awesome books I used to prep me for my MBA application. I’ve left out the dross – I heartily recommend these. MBA Admissions Strategy by AV Gordon (ISBN 0-335-21890-3) – A good general WTF orientation which will give you the straight dope. Great Application Essays for Business School by Paul Bodine […]

  • Applying to a school

    First of all, you need to do a GMAT. I did the Kaplan prep course – it cost me two weeks and three grand. It was good, but probably wasn’t worth the money. If you’re a hardass, you can study and take the test while you’re working. If not, take some time off (2 to […]

  • Which MBA?

    If you’re not shooting high, or you need to stay very local, make sure your MBA is AMBA accredited. If it isn’t, you may as well wipe your ass with the degree certificate when you get it. If you have the balls to go for a top MBA, do so. When you need to choose […]

  • Do I need an MBA?

    Let’s start at the beginning. Do you need an MBA? Do you want to work in the US? If so, you probably do need one. US companies (and their foreign subsidiaries) look far more favourably on those with an MBA. Yes, it’s two years out of work, but it was described to me as “having […]