Category: Tech Industry

  • Apple and Adidas

    If you spend any time (as I do) on the number 51 bus, you may note the popularity of Adidas among a particular segment of consumers. They aren’t coming back from the gym – it’s just default clothing. They bought Adidas rather than the unbranded variety not because it’s cheaper or better quality. When consumers […]

  • Mobile apps vs native apps

    There’s a lot of guff around on the battle between mobile apps versus web apps. There is guff because companies have made investments one way or the other, and want to believe that they made the right choice. So let’s be succinct. There are only two things to be concerned with: Can a user find […]

  • Microsoft Word replacements

    Microsoft Word is on the way out. I’ll explain. Every new tool for circulating information used a mental model similar to the previous one. Check it out: The typewriter was a replacement for writing. Both output to paper, but typing was neater. Memos were created and paper was pushed from desk to desk. The original […]

  • Guide to Twitter for Marketers

    Last week, I gave a talk at Kellogg on Twitter. I wanted to try and help our people understand what it means for them as we graduate and head into business. This post is the content of that talk. If you’re well into social media already, you might be familiar with a lot of this […]

  • How To Be A Successful Blogger

    Some of you may have come across Chris Guillebeau’s 279 day guide to success as a blogger. For those of you who don’t have time to read it, here’s the short short version. First the obvious parts: Being a successful blogger takes a long time and is a lot of hard work. Even doing that […]

  • Technology Platforms in a Nutshell

    One of tech’s dirty words is platform. The idea is simple – build something that others can build on top of, and suddenly you have control of not just a product, but a little ecosystem. That’s a really common thing to do, but there are a few choices you have to make. If you make […]

  • Non-Web Monetisation

    This week, I gave a short talk on tech business model basics to the Kellogg High Tech Club. I was following an excellent talk by a colleague on web monetisation, so I focused on non-web monetisation. We weren’t able to snag a video camera, but I did punch up some audio and sync it to […]

  • Philadelphia Airport Runs OS X

    … but it misbehaves, just like every other operating system. I’ve seen Windows crash in environments like this quite a few times. Not seen a Linux / Unix crash yet, but I’m sure it’s out there.

  • Best Buy Vending Machines

    You may have caught a previous post here on iPod vending machines. During a trip through LAX, I noticed that these machines are being used by Best Buy to sell a variety of electronics to bored travellers – headphones, flip style camcorders, and of course, iPods. Personally, I was just curious when I was snapping […]

  • Please Sign Here

    Snapped in Ikea You may not be able to quite see it, but some poor person actually signed on top of the display on this PIN machine. A reminder that even user interfaces we take for granted can be hard to use.