Dell’s University College Gaming League

Spotted around the Northwestern university campus It seems that Dell has organised a computer gaming league for titles like COD4, WOW, Counterstrike and Forza, along with less traditional titles like Guitar Hero 3. It makes sense from the larger perspective – it’s clear that hardware has become a commodity in the PC market, and margins… Continue reading Dell’s University College Gaming League

Hanspree in San Francisco

I often walk down Stockton to town, and I’ve passed by this shop many times. I’ve popped in a couple of times – it’s a gadget shop, I’m a nerd – but I’m still absolutely confused as to what the store’s purpose is. You’ve probably seen the products before. If not, I offer you this… Continue reading Hanspree in San Francisco

Professor Tedlow at the Computer History Museum

Learning about the birth of the IBM S/360 while at the Computer History Museum is like eating chocolate biscuits wrapped in chocolate as far as I’m concerned. Last week I tasted the goodness. What’s the System/360? Back in the day, you bought a computer and programmed for that computer alone. If you bought another one,… Continue reading Professor Tedlow at the Computer History Museum

Linuxworld in San Francisco

Linuxworld is a meeting place between corporate IT departments and businesses trying to make a buck with Linux / Open Source. I had the chance to attend Simon Crosby’s keynote – he’s the CTO of Citrix, and used to be the CTO of Xensource before it was gobbled up. Although I was disappointed to hear… Continue reading Linuxworld in San Francisco

Creative Business

During my latest trip into Silicon Valley, I had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of the gentlemen responsible for the Sound Blaster. One of them was kind enough to share an instructive insight into how this product became one of biggest hardware successes of the 90s. How It Began Back when PCs ran… Continue reading Creative Business

Mike Shaver at the Kellogg Technology Conference

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of introducing Mike Shaver, Chief Evangelist for the Mozilla Foundation (above) as a keynote speaker for the 2008 Technology Conference here at Kellogg. In addition, we welcomed Jeff Bell, Marketing VP from Microsoft, Satjiv Chahil from HP. When we originally put the speaker lineup together, I wanted to introduce… Continue reading Mike Shaver at the Kellogg Technology Conference

Apple Retail

Those familiar with the UK’s PC World store chain will probably suppress a groan at its mention. It’s a box-shifter store aimed squarely at the masses. However, while there this afternoon, I was floored to see an Apple store-in-store inside. In a sense, it’s not a surprise. PC world drives a lot of footfall, and… Continue reading Apple Retail