DAK Video

My fellow Kellogg blogger, MBA Dutchie, posted up a DAK II summary that he spent a hell of a lot more time writing than I did. Wonderfully, he linked to a video summary of the weekend that the current students did (above).

The video:

  • Was shown to us at the end of the weekend
  • Was put together by someone with a good camera, iMovie and a lot of time on their hands
  • Is maybe a little narcissistic
    • But what the hell
  • Has a Journey song in
    • Journey rules


2 responses to “DAK Video”

  1. Hey Shahid,

    You’re quick to read my blog! Thanks for the reference and telling me to update my blog. I was stalling big-time.

    You should write more and more often. I like your writing style and Kellogg needs more blogging!

    Did we meet at DAK?

  2. Ha! Put it down to Google Reader that I was quick to read your blog. On the other hand you’re quick to read my blog on your blog, but then I was quick to read your comment on my blog on your blog.

    We didn’t meet at DAK, but we should have done. If you’re planning to visit London any time before August, you must let me know – there’s a little community of K admits here now, and we’ll all get together for a beer.

    Do continue the blogging – I’ve enjoyed reading your content so far and I look forward to more!

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