H-1B 221(g) Administrative Processing waiting times

I’ve just finished this process for an H-1B visa from the US Embassy in London. The H-1B was allocated from the lottery by USCIS, but following the interview at the embassy I was handed a 221(g) form giving me notice of “administrative processing”. I’ve also previously been through this process for the F-1 student visa. For anyone else in this situation, this post should illustrate some of what’s going on and what you can expect.

WTH is going on?

Administrative processing is a massively vague term. What’s actually happening is that the Embassy is doing a background check on you. They don’t do it themselves – instead, they package your information and send it off to the FBI and other agencies, who are actually doing the checks.

How long should I expect to actually wait?

I waited 32 days for processing of my F-1. I waited 4-5 months for processing of my H-1B.

The London Embassy helpfully publishes the status of your application on their website. Even better – they don’t just publish yours, but everyone else’s information as well. So, I did some quick analysis on this data.

For everyone who’s still waiting (i.e. status = pending), here’s a frequency graph of waiting times.

H-1B waiting times

This analysis is based on data from 09.00hrs on 14th Sept 2010.

This means that, for example, about 52% of people who are waiting have been waiting more than 90 days. If the speed of processing at the Embassy isn’t changing over time, this means that your chances of hearing something before 90 days is about one in two.

I’ve also heard that the 90 day mark is used as an internal check, i.e. the embassy themselves will start chasing various agencies for the results of your check around this time. I’d expect to see an inflexion point in the chart if this was the case, but the data doesn’t seem to bear this out.

(Update: A reader wrote in to show their analysis of the US Embassy in Tokyo. It seems to indicate a 2 week backlog, and a faster average response.)

Is there anything I can do in the meanwhile?

If you want to speed it up, to the best of my knowledge there is precisely bugger all that you can do. To quote the London embassy:

Please do not contact the Embassy while your application is being processed as we will not be able to assist you.

You can only do two things that will yield you information for sure:

  • Obsessively check your email
  • Check the website if you’re applying through the London embassy

For some people (including me) that’s just not enough, and there is other stuff to do, but it’s all just a shot in the dark rather than anything definite. In each case, I’ll include what I did and whether it helped (spoiler: nothing helped for sure).

Your senator. Although this might seem strange to us Brits, you can contact your local senator for assistance. This is probably the most concrete and useful step here. Unsurprisingly, your senator isn’t required to assist you in any way, but you can ask. In my case, we contacted Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office. The money quote:

My staff will be happy to assist you in following up on the status of your pending name check if your case has been pending with the FBI for at least one year.

Our company lawyer drafted a letter to a contact of his in Feinstein’s office. This is one of the advantages of *having* a lawyer, although it’s certainly no guarantee. We did get a reply back, but by that time the case was already completed.

State department. You can contact the state department directly to find out what the heck is going on. There is a direct number floating around, which I won’t include for fear of inundating the polite chap I spoke to, but it’s around. I did this, and was told that my application was still pending processing (not exactly a revelation). However, they were able to look up my case, so I did now know it had actually made it out of the embassy.

Personal network. If you’ve lived in the states for a while, you may know people who can find something out for you. It turned out that I had an acquaintance at the DOJ, a friend whose colleagues knew some politicians, and a colleague whose wife’s mum used to work for the state department. All of them were wonderful, sympathetic and tried to help by contacting people they knew who might know something. Although noone was able to dig up information specific to my case, I did get back some useful advice (which is now in this blog post).

National Academies. You can fill in a questionnaire. I’m not sure if it helped, but I did get a followup automated email after I was approved to confirm that everything was received.

The embassy themselves. The 221(g) plainly says that you can’t call the embassy for any information until 90 days are up. I called on the 91st day, but it was absolutely no help at all.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this in the future?

If you’re lucky enough to be reading ahead and you’re a few months before your potential 221(g), keep reading. If you’re in the US at the moment, I understand that it’s possible for you to get a check run on yourself before you head out. It will take about 3 months, and your local police department & FBI can help you out with this. Once it’s done, administrative processing should go faster – plus, you can take the checking documentation to the visa interview and wave it at them to save everyone some time.

What should I expect to see when it clears up?

You should get an email, but it’s not guaranteed. I didn’t hear anything on phone or email once the processing had completed on the H-1B, but I did get an email for the F-1. Here’s the text of the email I received.

Dear Mr $applicantName,

Please submit your passport.

You must resubmit your passport via the Embassy-appointed courier service, Special Mail Services (SMS). Once you are prepared to submit your passport for visa issuance please contact SMS by telephone on 0870-950-1760 to arrange pickup of your passport and delivery back to you upon issuance of your visa. The courier service will not have any information about your visa processing.

Important Notice: Your application will take between 15-20 workdays to process once it has been received by the Embassy. Once processing is complete, your passport will be handed to SMS. A further one to two days should be allowed for delivery.

The Embassy cannot expedite your application once it has been received. Please do not call the Operator Assisted Information Line or email us concerning the progress of your application unless more than two weeks has passed since SMS collected your documents, as we will not be able to provide you with any information.

We strongly advise that you do not purchase any tickets for travel to the United States or make irrevocable travel plans until after you have been issued a visa and your passport has been returned to you.

If your travel dates have passed, you must submit a new itinerary. If you are planning to travel for the same purpose at a later date, we may well be able to issue your visa, however, if your circumstances have changed, we will have to do further processing.


Expect to wait. If it clears up quickly – thank your stars and head to the New World.

Please drop a note in the comments if this was useful or you have any other experiences that might help others.

Updated: I added in some extra information as I learned more about the process. My H-1B has been issued and I’m now back in the states. Best of luck to everyone waiting.


  1. This is very informative….good job Sir. I hope you could add more information on this subject….

    Am still waiting for my visa…… Lord have mercy on those agencies who is doing the checking on me to speed it up….

  2. Very useful information, gosh I just MISSED this info. Now iam in 221g quagmire, dont know when will I get out.

  3. Hi, this was extremely useful, thanks for this!
    I have been in administrative processing for the past 6 months, yes 6 months!! I have emailed senators, congressman, etc etc, and i get the same message, admin processing.

    I am a UK citizen which rubs salts in the wounds, as i thought there was a plus point to have the maroon passport!

    If anyone has any suggestions to follow up then please let me know
    Good post!

  4. i am close to completing 150 days, tired of hearing – pending processing. looks like even after 90 days they don’t do anything.

  5. Hi,
    Nice article, even i am stuck in 221g and but after the 221(g) form consulate contacted in 1 month to me for few more documents. But after that it’s been 75 days now and still it’s in pending admin processing. Hope will get any update after 90 days.

  6. Very nice article. I’m waiting for my F1, I’m on OPT. Didn’t give me any info for why they are doing Administrative Processing. UK resident, never been to any dangerous countries, anglo saxon name….been in US for 8 years on F1.

    I’m up to 45 days with no contact. Hoping this gets resolved soon.

  7. Nice information. Thanks for compiling it. I am also waiting for 221g cleared on my H1b visa for more than 45 days.

  8. helpful!
    I was interviewed in London for the first time H-1B visa stamping on 11/Feb but handed back a white 201(g) paper. told that it would take 5 to 10 working day, but looks like it would take much longer time than that.

  9. Nice blog, unfortunately it was too late. Had I known that I could have had a check on myself before I leave US, probably would have done that. Even now I don’t mind paying a “fee” (say premium processing) to get the things done in a small time frame. Waiting for more than 90 days and fed-up hearing the same reply “case under processing”. Probably loose the job if it takes more time.
    I feel that a huge number of innocents are paying the price for the action of few nuts.

  10. This is extremely valuable information for someone like me who has been held in this process on three occassions, twice on F1 visas and once on H1B. It took me varying times – 3 months to 15 days for F-1 visas, while 6 months for H1-B visa. This time again I am on H1-B (currently in the US) and would certainly consider undergoing the ‘check run’ before traveling outside of the US.

    Thank you!

  11. Hi;
    Thx for the article. My wife is on ‘221g Admin Processing’ for over 100 days now. I wrote to Abu Dhabi Embassy for status, they sent a generic reply saying ” it could take months and may go beyond 1 yr. check the site regularly”

    My wife is an Iranian National.

    Any idea?
    Thank you!

  12. If you are applying for a H1B in the UK can you visit the USA just to see friends while waiting for the “administrative processing”.

  13. My 23-year old Colombian niece got successfully through her interview only to be handed a Carta – 221(g) Proceso Adminstrative Interno. The visa officer was kind, sympathetic, even reassuring that the matter causing her to be put in 221(g) status wasn’t serious; she even said she would do what she could to expedite processing. We are only in our 8th day of waiting. It remains inconceivable to me that this lovely young lady, who has been out of Bogota only once on vacation for two weeks in Brazil, should be forced now to live in limbo. She wanted to come to the U.S. to study, to improve her life and her family’s when she returns to Bogota after completing her studies. The poor girl – and who knows how many others in the same status – has no idea how to plan her life. She dare not even start university in Bogota for fear that the visa is suddenly granted. This article is surely the most useful I have found on this little known topic.

  14. A very quick note regarding Tom’s suggestion above – this was something I was specifically instructed not to do by our company lawyers (i.e. travel to the US on visa waiver). That said, I never actually tried it, so I don’t know how it would work out.

    To everyone – I’m sorry to hear this has affected you all, and thank you for sharing your stories with everyone.

  15. I (brit national) drove to Toronto from New york with my young family to attend an appointment at the US consulate in the beginning of March 2011 for my L1 renewal after the initial 3 year L1 expired (lived in NJ since 2008, kids in school etc).

    I have a common muslim sir name, so i assume that being the reason they put me on the admin processing 221g .

    we only came prepared to stay the week but have now been stuck here for over 75 days .

    in the meantime my employer who has supported me and my families expensive well since being stuck out here but have finally decided to terminate my contract if goes past 91 days.

    I have regularly tried to get something out of DOS and the US consulate in Toronto but to no avail.

    I will be flying back to London after June 5th if the approval does not come through.

    I have also received mixed responses from the DOS about possibly re-entering the US by land under a visa wavier to at least get back to the my rented home in NJ to our pick up our belongings and bring them back to Toronto so we at least have something when we wait or start from scratch back in the UK.

    I called the border control today to ask if re-entry under VWP is possible and they told me it’s no harm in trying, bring all evidence of the job situation and the order officials may allow re-inty under humanitarian grounds.

    while my employer hired attorney said in the beginning that it’s not advisable, but gave me no real reason why they said was the case.

    I am going to try it anyway tommorow as i am not far from the border as judging by the 221g waiting feedback that i have read about, it’s 80/20 chance that my job and life in the US is secure.

    will post the outcome of my border crossing attempt whatever happens.

  16. Very useful information. I plan to go to Inida in 3 months. Trying to plan ahead and avoid the 221g.

  17. Hi Thanks for sharing nice information i got 221g after that got a mail saying that they need more documents dropped all required docs after no reply waiting from 95 days………

    Please let me know if any one is under same situation..


  18. Hi Shahid,

    I love the graph as it is a great visual representation on how long the wait times were. I would like to make a similar graph for the Chennai (India) embassy so I can see what the wait times are like for me (I applied in Chennai, eight weeks ago). Can you give some details on how you made it so that I can apply it to mine?



  19. Hi Shahid,

    Great information post re Admin Processing, many thanks. I am on a K-1 visa and had my interview on June 6th so my 90 days is due on August 6th. However, the case number that I have is a 10 digit number and therefore it is not the London Embasssy status web PDF file. I have the number in the US to call and they give the same reply as you got, i.e. the case is in admin processing. This confirms that my 10 digit case number is valid, however it is perplexing that all the case numbers on the London Embassy site are 11 digits. Have you come across this or has anyone else?

  20. This article is really very helpful.
    I went for H1B interview in May 2011 in US Embassy Delhi . I am waiting for 90 days now. Not sure how long i need to wait.
    I still have my job but not sure how long my employer in US would consider this.
    Does it really take 90 days for background check?
    I also had the issue of incorrect case number. They gave me 10 digit number instead of 12 digit!!

  21. Very useful article – thanks for sharing.
    It is very unfortunate that this black hole of administrative processing has caused so many normal, hard working, tax paying individuals to suffer at the hands of a few suspicious people trying to gain illegitimate access into the US. I have been in the US now for 5 years – 4 as an F-1 student, and had been working there for 1 year after my employers had applied for my H1B. I got the approval from USCIS in September, and my status was approved from November 1, 2010 through October 31, 2013.
    I decided to leave for vacation for a couple of weeks to see my family in the UK, who I hadn’t seen in over a year, and had my interview at the London Embassy on June 6th. It has been exactly 10 weeks since my interview, and still no response.
    I guess I shouldn’t be entirely surprised as I am of Pakistani origin (British Citizen), but the process is extremely frustrating, not to mention costly. I have to continue paying rent for my apartment in the US, and naturally have to keep up with all sorts of bills. The uncertainty is certainly causing many a sleepless night, but as most people suggest – there is just no way of knowing how long it will take.
    I have been working remotely from here as much as I can, and my employers are being quite understanding – however, I do not know how long this arrangement will be sustainable for. I am furiously checking my e-mail, and checking the website status. I really hope this ordeal is over soon. I would love to hear of other people’s experiences, and figure out what they did while their lives were on hold in the US.

  22. Nadir , once u get d visa in hand with the stamp , u can travel freely for 3 years na or again wen u leave us and get back u need the stamp. And are u sure 2 get 221g everytime , even during extension

    And I have been waiting 4 F1 60 days , no news. Already deferred my admission but i m doubtful abt my H1B future in USA coz of these stupid reasons. Ia it sure that i ll get this 221f every time i wanna come back 2 usa or they can b considerate

  23. my parents are under admin processing for more than 3 months and no response can anybody share how long it took in their case for immigrant visa NOT H1B.

  24. Hi StuckinToronto (Brit)

    Were you able to get through the border guards explaining your situation. Were they understanding? I am trying to do teh same. My wife is pregnant back in US and I am stuck in canada. Any guidance will be highly appreciated. My email is shah.sach@gmail.com

  25. Where do you get the case number ? I just got a blue form 221g , does not have any number on it.

  26. Hey, just wanted to comment that I got my H1b about August 7th, around ten weeks after my interview. Good luck to you all.

  27. I was working in us for last 3 years on l1. Came to London on holiday and applied for extension in us embassy London. Interview on June 22. Case pending since July 12. Working from London office. New York office may not wait for six months if it is going to take that long.

  28. Hi Sachin,

    Did you get an email response from StuckinToronto (Brit) or did you try entering the US?
    I’m in a similar situation.

  29. Hi,
    I went through same situation. I understand how frustrating it is when I was waiting an indefinite time frame in an unknown place!
    So I am from Bangladesh, working for a company in United States and came to Toronto, Canada to get a H1B Visa. They have put me into “administrative processing” and they will let me inform by email when the process is done. I had no idea what to do at that time. Finally yesterday I got email from them.

    Visa appointment date: September 6, 2011
    Received Email from them: October 5, 2011

    They have mentioned that process is done and I can submit my passport now and get the Visa.
    So, I have waited exactly one month. I consider myself lucky to get this done in short period of time compare to what their official website says and what I have been reading about other people’s situation.

    What I have done in this one month:
    I contacted my company and explained very nicely and make them understand my situation. I called my H1B lawyer in the United States and told her (lawyer) about my situation and ask her to explain better about my situation to my manager. My manager and my team were very supportive and let me work remotely. So, I managed a temporary place and start working remotely. I joined all the meetings and contacted all my co-workers using all the modern technology.
    2 weeks later I asked my lawyer to email the US consulate Toronto if they response her email or if she can get any information or speed up this process. But they didn’t reply to her email.

    Later I had a better idea. My company’s owner is a ex congressman who has good connection with the current congressman of the state I am living. My company’s owner ask the current congressman to do something for me. I exactly don’t know how much they did for me but my guess is, they sent a clearance about me and my background and how important it is for my company to have me in the States. As I said I don’t know is this worked or not but within a week i got respond from the embassy!

    There aren’t much we can do to speed up this process but I tried whatever I got.

    Happy to share my experience here.
    Wish all of you good luck!

  30. Hi evrybody, I am from Iraq and I was under the adminstrative processing for the past 3 months, then I ‘ve got a message from the US embassy in Amman to send my passport via Aramex. I sent my passport now and did not heard anything.WHAT SHALL I DO NOW PLEASE.

  31. Yup. We’re all in the same boat guys.
    Everybody is from Islamic or middle eastern decent or backgrounds.
    Big surprise. Though I guess it is their country that we are immigrating to, so we are to obide by their terms.
    However, I do wish they were a little more detailed and informative.
    When I went to Montreal embassy, the lady at the booth told me that I should receive my passport in a week. So being a diligent person, I gave my landlord, and work a notice. Biggest mistake of my life, or yet to be topped that’s for sure.
    That was Aug 4. Now its Nov 8th. 90+ days, and they still have my passport as well.
    Logically, admin processing should’ve been done THROUGHOUT the packet 2, 3 and 4 steps, instead of leaving people in the dust last minute. Messed up my admission to University and everything too.

    I thought my situation was bad, but after reading sachin, talash and shak’s situation i feel better. 😀

    Well it took 8 years for the green card approval, might as well add another few months to the pile. It’s ok, we don’t have lives.

  32. Hi,

    I went through pretty similar situation. Had also read your website when i got the 221(g) handed over at US embassy in London. I had gone for the interview for L1 visa on Oct 12

    The consular found everything in order and was happy with my answers, but at the end, he asked me if i was carrying my resume. Clearly this wasn’t stated as one of the documents required. I mentioned to him, that i have my offer letter, degree certificates (original) in case he needs to verify anything. To which, he mentioned he was interested in seeing my resume (weird).
    Anyway, he handed me 221(g) form stating that he has approved for my visa, but i need to send my resume so that his seniors to further validate my application.

    Anyway, so came back home, waited for 4 weeks now. Got the update in the US Embassy @ London website, stating, i need to send in my passports and new travel itinerary along with I129S. I have just sent them today. I am not sure how long this would take to get the visa – hoping it would be only 2 weeks.

    Anyone knows how long it takes for US Embassy in London to send the passport back after they get mailed (cases with 221g)

  33. Hi Shahid,

    My B 1 visa was approved in March 2010 but unfortunately i was put on administrative processing! have been waiting ever since its been over 19 months now! No response from the embassy! Have been calling DOS every now and then but its still under processing!


  35. Guys, anyone from Bangladesh? I am looking to establish a H1b admin processing trend for those who appeared for interview in Dhaka embassy. I share mine:

    First time H1B stamping
    Embassy: US embassy, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Have been in F1 for 2 years, then H1-B for 2 years
    Interview date August 3, 2011
    Mechanical Engineer, Muslim
    No documents asked, they kept my passport, Handed me a white 221(g) letter
    Still waiting on AP

    Keep posting your experiences. Is there anyways that i can know the status other then checking the embassy case status which says “Pending Processing” ?

  36. I came across this website while searching for wait times for administrative processing cases. Very well written post. One of the suggestions here is to request an FBI background check while you are in the US.
    Has anyone tried getting the background check done themselves and have further details on their experience with it – it looks like a fairly tedious procedure(but obviously still better than being stuck)? Any feedback on whether it helped in the case of an admin processing check? Thanks in advance for any info.

  37. Nice to see so many people in the same boat – the least it boosts my spirit that I am not the odd one out here!
    I ve been staying in the US for the past 6+ yrs and pretty much have all the common US visas stamped in my passport – B1/B2, F1, L1B, H1B.
    Got a common muslim last name so thought that was the reason for the first 221G I received for my F1 – missed my admit for the 2 mths delay caused by this but was lucky to get into the next admit after 6 months.
    I visited New Delhi embassy for my H1B restamping on 21st Nov and got a 221G (pink form) again !!! they ve retained both my passports (old/new) along with my I797 and told me it will take around 3-4 weeks to get them back.
    My GC is in initial steps but frankly I ve lost all the charm of staying in US of A
    with this kind of bullshit treatment – my only concern is that I have lot of belongings left at my apartment back in US including my brand new Sonata parked at my apt and the rent/bills I ll ve to shed for this entire period for not using the same! really not sure how I can dispose all this off without me present there if this admin processing takes a longer time.
    At this time my frustration levels are quite high – they took my passport and havent asked me for any documentation and just asked me to wait…
    Had they atleast given back me my passport I would ve asked my company to relocate me to any of our global offices for some time.

  38. @Sam, finally got my stamping done and passport received! Took 108 days in total. Will fly to FL around christmas time. Keep patience.
    I had the exact same issues with my apt and car. I managed one of my colleagues to get my stuff out of the apt and hand over the keys (I sent the keys to my colleague through FeDex). The car is still with him. Keep patience bro.

    Here are my details again.

    First time H1B stamping
    Embassy: US embassy, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Have been in F1 for 2 years, then H1-B for 2 years
    Interview date August 3, 2011
    Mechanical Engineer, Muslim
    No documents asked, they kept my passport, Handed me a white 221(g) letter
    Website said “Collect Passport” on Nov 20, 2011

  39. Finally received my passport with visa stamped. It’s stamped for only 2 years [2013], though there is a PED which shows 2014. I am guessing more and more USA is just creating unnecessary problems for people.
    I do not see any reason why legit people are getting harassed this way.
    The below article makes it so apparent that they have some issues with South Asian people


  40. hi, any one tried the Ankara US embassy yet? I’v just got my petition approval and i have to make an interview appointment for DEC. but my problem is that the US copmany hired me form the 1st of November and i’m going to have my interview in Dec(already more than a month later). do you think even with my situation it will take up to 3 months to stamp my visa???

  41. @ Sam – Iam in exact same boat but mine was a yellow 221g. I am waiting for 4 months for my passports (visa date has already past, they still have my passports).

  42. Its a very good piece of information and will advice all my friends to do a name check before they go for H1B visa stamping. For me it was too late now, and I am stuck with 221G crap

  43. Hi all,

    I was given 221 g yellow slip and passports were retained by the consulate.
    My passports are with consulate for last 4 months..my visa expired few months back. why are they continuing 221 g if I cant get a visa and they are holding on to my passports. Pls advise.

  44. Does it matter if I go to Canada or Mexico ? I got 221g on F1, and for my first h1b stamping.. it looks like my case is similar to yours.. i am still in US but need to get my stamping done… please suggest .. I was thinking to go to Canada but after reading your article I am re considering it.. let me know

  45. My wife and I were in the same situation few months ago. We went to South America for only three days to get our visas stamped, and when we were at the embassy, the person who was working with our case told us to wait… We were waiting for like 45 minutes and then she called us and told us the (most terrifying words) “You are in Administrative Process”… She said they will call us when everything were ready, she didn’t even hold our passport. My wife asks how many days and they said like 3 weeks. Devastating, that’s how we felt walking out from the U.S. Embassy, not knowing what the future had prepared for us. During that time we were living in my mom’s living room sleeping on a couch. After three long weeks without notice we began researching and realized that the period of time that normally takes the process is between 3 MONTHS up to 1 year (No weeks, the lady gave us a wrong period of time by “mistake”). That was when our entire world began to fall down even worst. While stuck in South America, we were paying the rent of our apartment, and all the bills as if we were living in U.S, plus my employer gave me an Unpaid Leave of Absent vacation (meaning NO MONEY). Forgot to mention we also had to cover all the living expenses of our forced “vacations” in South America. We were not even allowed to reenter the U.S to pick our belongings (Remember we were expecting to spend 3 days, so we only had a carry on bag with us). Our car was at the Airport parking lot the whole time, $18 per day, you get the math. That was such a long time of waiting, issues, stress, anger, fighting, disappointment, anxiety, and nervousness. But guess what!!! Exactly 90 days after our appointment at the U.S Embassy we received the long waited E-mail from them notifying that the process was ended and then we should go there with our passports!! Wow we were so happy to receive that E-mail; I still remember hugging my wife and crying of happiness now knowing we were going to get our life back. When in the embassy they just took our passport and after 1 week we received the visa.

    If it happens you’re reading this right now, you’re probably looking for answers. My advice to you people who are in that case is just to stop being negative, take it easy and make a plan to be living out of the U.S for at least 3 months. Remember, once you’re told to wait there’s NOTHING you can do to change or rush this process. Lawyers, representatives, governments, employers, or friends working inside the embassy, no one can help you out. Another thing, DO NOT CALL the Embassy, they won’t give you any relevant information because they don’t even have you paper work.
    Some consulates have an online system in where you can find info about your status, but only expect to see two things “In process” and “Ended”, that’s all about it. You can E-mail them (I did) but they will not give you any important info on your case so don’t waist your time. The good news, for those H1B visa, you can always try to make a special deal with your employer to let you work from home during time out. This Adm. Process almost destroyed my life, don’t let that happens to you, now days I’m back in the U.S working and I feel blessed for all the good things I have in my life. 

    Hope this helps to cheer you up in those moments of hopeless, keep up your faith and hope to see you in the U.S soon.

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