H-1B 221(g) Administrative Processing waiting times

I’ve just finished this process for an H-1B visa from the US Embassy in London. The H-1B was allocated from the lottery by USCIS, but following the interview at the embassy I was handed a 221(g) form giving me notice of “administrative processing”. I’ve also previously been through this process for the F-1 student visa. For anyone else in this situation, this post should illustrate some of what’s going on and what you can expect.

WTH is going on?

Administrative processing is a massively vague term. What’s actually happening is that the Embassy is doing a background check on you. They don’t do it themselves – instead, they package your information and send it off to the FBI and other agencies, who are actually doing the checks.

How long should I expect to actually wait?

I waited 32 days for processing of my F-1. I waited 4-5 months for processing of my H-1B.

The London Embassy helpfully publishes the status of your application on their website. Even better – they don’t just publish yours, but everyone else’s information as well. So, I did some quick analysis on this data.

For everyone who’s still waiting (i.e. status = pending), here’s a frequency graph of waiting times.

H-1B waiting times

This analysis is based on data from 09.00hrs on 14th Sept 2010.

This means that, for example, about 52% of people who are waiting have been waiting more than 90 days. If the speed of processing at the Embassy isn’t changing over time, this means that your chances of hearing something before 90 days is about one in two.

I’ve also heard that the 90 day mark is used as an internal check, i.e. the embassy themselves will start chasing various agencies for the results of your check around this time. I’d expect to see an inflexion point in the chart if this was the case, but the data doesn’t seem to bear this out.

(Update: A reader wrote in to show their analysis of the US Embassy in Tokyo. It seems to indicate a 2 week backlog, and a faster average response.)

Is there anything I can do in the meanwhile?

If you want to speed it up, to the best of my knowledge there is precisely bugger all that you can do. To quote the London embassy:

Please do not contact the Embassy while your application is being processed as we will not be able to assist you.

You can only do two things that will yield you information for sure:

  • Obsessively check your email
  • Check the website if you’re applying through the London embassy

For some people (including me) that’s just not enough, and there is other stuff to do, but it’s all just a shot in the dark rather than anything definite. In each case, I’ll include what I did and whether it helped (spoiler: nothing helped for sure).

Your senator. Although this might seem strange to us Brits, you can contact your local senator for assistance. This is probably the most concrete and useful step here. Unsurprisingly, your senator isn’t required to assist you in any way, but you can ask. In my case, we contacted Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office. The money quote:

My staff will be happy to assist you in following up on the status of your pending name check if your case has been pending with the FBI for at least one year.

Our company lawyer drafted a letter to a contact of his in Feinstein’s office. This is one of the advantages of *having* a lawyer, although it’s certainly no guarantee. We did get a reply back, but by that time the case was already completed.

State department. You can contact the state department directly to find out what the heck is going on. There is a direct number floating around, which I won’t include for fear of inundating the polite chap I spoke to, but it’s around. I did this, and was told that my application was still pending processing (not exactly a revelation). However, they were able to look up my case, so I did now know it had actually made it out of the embassy.

Personal network. If you’ve lived in the states for a while, you may know people who can find something out for you. It turned out that I had an acquaintance at the DOJ, a friend whose colleagues knew some politicians, and a colleague whose wife’s mum used to work for the state department. All of them were wonderful, sympathetic and tried to help by contacting people they knew who might know something. Although noone was able to dig up information specific to my case, I did get back some useful advice (which is now in this blog post).

National Academies. You can fill in a questionnaire. I’m not sure if it helped, but I did get a followup automated email after I was approved to confirm that everything was received.

The embassy themselves. The 221(g) plainly says that you can’t call the embassy for any information until 90 days are up. I called on the 91st day, but it was absolutely no help at all.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this in the future?

If you’re lucky enough to be reading ahead and you’re a few months before your potential 221(g), keep reading. If you’re in the US at the moment, I understand that it’s possible for you to get a check run on yourself before you head out. It will take about 3 months, and your local police department & FBI can help you out with this. Once it’s done, administrative processing should go faster – plus, you can take the checking documentation to the visa interview and wave it at them to save everyone some time.

What should I expect to see when it clears up?

You should get an email, but it’s not guaranteed. I didn’t hear anything on phone or email once the processing had completed on the H-1B, but I did get an email for the F-1. Here’s the text of the email I received.

Dear Mr $applicantName,

Please submit your passport.

You must resubmit your passport via the Embassy-appointed courier service, Special Mail Services (SMS). Once you are prepared to submit your passport for visa issuance please contact SMS by telephone on 0870-950-1760 to arrange pickup of your passport and delivery back to you upon issuance of your visa. The courier service will not have any information about your visa processing.

Important Notice: Your application will take between 15-20 workdays to process once it has been received by the Embassy. Once processing is complete, your passport will be handed to SMS. A further one to two days should be allowed for delivery.

The Embassy cannot expedite your application once it has been received. Please do not call the Operator Assisted Information Line or email us concerning the progress of your application unless more than two weeks has passed since SMS collected your documents, as we will not be able to provide you with any information.

We strongly advise that you do not purchase any tickets for travel to the United States or make irrevocable travel plans until after you have been issued a visa and your passport has been returned to you.

If your travel dates have passed, you must submit a new itinerary. If you are planning to travel for the same purpose at a later date, we may well be able to issue your visa, however, if your circumstances have changed, we will have to do further processing.


Expect to wait. If it clears up quickly – thank your stars and head to the New World.

Please drop a note in the comments if this was useful or you have any other experiences that might help others.

Updated: I added in some extra information as I learned more about the process. My H-1B has been issued and I’m now back in the states. Best of luck to everyone waiting.


  1. We, me and my husband had gone for interview at the London US counsulate today for L1 A and L2 (for myself) and were given a white 221g letter with a reference number. The Counsular just asked what role my husband was and why he has (wants) to go to the USA….and after that he asked us to wait to be called. He called us again after 20 min or so and that’s when he gave us the 221g thingy. Before leaving we asked how long would be the wait to know about the decision, to which the counsular replied ” depends on my collegues”.We used to stay in the USA earlier for some years on H1B (my husband) and on H4 (myself) before we left for London last year. So, it’s been just over a year that my husband joined this new company in London with head office in USA (which is quite a well know bank). However, in last year after relocatting with this new job in LOndon, he has had travelled to USA at least 4 times on B1 visa ( his b1 was stamped by the same london counsulate last year). We hold Indian passports and never faced any such queries on visas before( also we aren’t muslims with those common names issues and all….so name check is ot of question) …AT present we are residing in UK on UK visa (which we got stamped in the USA, while leaving USA last year). I know we really cannot do much about it…but the problem is our lives were (ON- HOLD) for a while for some other reasons and many of our plans depended on this visa which means more hold on those plans and our lives.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had got such 221g (Administrative Processings) on thier L1 A visa at the London counsulate, and if so, how did it turn out to be……how long was the wait …approved/ rejected???

    Your information/help’s much appreciated

  2. Guys I just wanted to share some good news here – I received my passport with stamped visa in 3 weeks. This was exactly the rough estimate of 3-4 weeks given to me by the Delhi consulate earlier. Another thing I want to mention here is that the website put up by US gov to check the status for 221g pink forms isnt reliable at all!! even after getting my passports its still showing the status as “Under Processing” 😀 wish you all a very happy new year in advance and hope people up in the blog here get their passports soon 🙂

  3. I applied for my fiancé visa summer of 2010, she finally got her interview on June 16,2011. We have been in administrative process for almost 7 months now. I get no answers from anywhere! I’m a US citizen and involved my Senator sine last month(dec 2011), we both are originally from Pakistan and are Muslim. Imagine what we are going thru.

  4. Hi my husband is a us citizen ,i was approved for a visa later received a call for administrative procesing.my medical is in two days expiry ,schools have open and dnt knu if to pay for my son.

  5. I had my interview on 1st of April 2010 and today is 4th Jan 2012.. they still have not completed administrative process of my spouse visa

  6. I appeared to the interview for CR1 visa . marriage visa to an american citizen ” My wife ” and the interviewer handled me my passport and 221(g) letter . what should I expect and how long should I wait .

  7. I just returned from my H1-B visa interview at the Kolkata Consulate in India. The interview was fine, all that the officer asked me was how many people worked in my company and where I got my degrees from. That was it. She said “I am sorry but we need more time to process your application. I am going to give you a form, please fill it out and take it to the next window.” I filled out the form and took it to the next window where a lady told me that it usually takes about 2 – 4 weeks. She gave me a green slip and said that she will call me and I will need to take my passport and that green slip to the local VFS office.

    I really don’t know what to do. I have been working in the US since 2010, I completed one year of OPT and then my company filed for my H-1B. I flew down to India to get it stamped and this happened. I feel really upset because I had booked a return ticket and I am supposed to leave in 19 days. If I don’t hear back from then in two weeks then I will have to cancel my flights and talk to my employer. I might end up losing my job in the US because of this.

    Anybody has any advice?

  8. I Had an interview on 20 th Dec 2011. Visa officer told me they wants to review my application, They will contact me. I am still waiting ……
    Is that attorney helpful ?

  9. I have been waiting nearly 6 months now for the result, I heard that this 221g is valid for 1 year..
    Can i expect to hear some thing from them within that? Can this go beyond 1 year? Please reply with your thoughts?

  10. Hi, I had interview in 12 Jan2012 and the consular gave me a yellow paper and asked me to cjeck my status within 1 week so I checked it and they asked me to send my passport so I did.
    but after 1 day they return it without visa and gave me a yellow paper again and asking me to check my status again.
    I sent them an email and they reply:
    “Your case is still undergoing administrative processing which may take as much as 120 days or more. This processing can neither be
    waived nor expedited. Please check our website ”

    this was their answer 🙁

    so any explanation? and will I get the visa or not?

  11. same case with me .applied for C1/D visa. i ws handed 221(g) pink slip. and asked to check status online. its been a year and still case under processing. Can i apply again for the U.S.Visa ?

  12. Interviewed on 9th December 2012 at KOLKATA CONSULATE, no news yet…today is the 97th day…….anxious, battered, disappointed, frustrated……………….family is in the US, wife is battling it out alone with 2 kids………..A shame!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think we need to petition against this non-sense the US Consulate is putting us through.. I have entered on F1 and H1 multiple times, sice 2 yrs i am working with this employer(third party case), and now that i come to Mumbai for a stamping, they have me in 221g case since mid Dec 2011.

    I wrote an email to the black box of infomumbai..but the officer (not better than a clerk) replied, saying the visa was refused as of Feb 7th .

    Fact of the matter is, the consulate sent my case to USCIS- who sent my lawyer an approval on the case as of feb28th.The US consulate has not yet replied to me – if i need to submit my passport, or re-apply for a new visa.

    Can anyone advise if i should reapply for the H1 visa..in my case.

    The US Consulate is being terminally retarded about the whole situation..
    I cant figure out, just like most of you .. who should i go and yell at..
    Our stupid government is inviting these brainless..ambassadors, but they are only passing more F!/B1 visas..
    I am waiting for this stupid Obama to leave office.. he thinks he can educate and train people..and does not require skilled workers.. ..aggghhhh..

  14. Today I went to the US embassy to apply for B1 (Tourism visa) and everything went smoothly till they handed me this cursed pink paper (221g) that I didn’t know what it was at that time because this is the first time I apply for US visa. After I got out I spent almost 4 hours searching the internet about this 221g and after all I read, I just don’t want the visa anymore, all I want now is to get my passport back to apply for schengen visa. I mean america was my first choice for tourism but the world is big. I don’t want to get deprived from a summer vacation that I need really really bad. I want to know, do they keep you passport in all the cases of 221g? and what will happen if I went to the embassy and told them that I don’t want their visa and I want my passport back?

  15. I have attended the visa interview for non immigrant visa on 2nd of November 2011 at Chennai. The interviewer told me that she sees no issue in offering me a visa but they will need some more time to process it…there came out a pink slip 🙁

    I am into sales and my clients are spread across emerging markets, my job demands travel to various countries and i am not able to travel since 5 months.

    I think my employer will ask me to put-up my papers!!!

    I am still waiting…calling the vfs help line…checking the website daily for updates.

    I think i should start applying for the job…this is what God had planned for me.

    Have patience friends…apna number bhi ayega

  16. , I appeared for Visa interview Mumbai –India consulate on 19th Jan 2012. But unfortunately Consular officer put my case to extra administrative processing . I don’t know what is exactly this admin process for . I am thinking , this process might be “for common muslim name background check “. At the time interview I have been told this administrative will take just 8 to 10 business days but it is not the case . The process is going on and on . It is not ending .I haven’t heard anything about my case since 73 days ( almost 3 months) & waiting for my visa in India .
    I have never arrested and paid all my taxes in USA . I tried to call Mumbai consulate & Department of state visa office , But no use. Nobody gives me any update. This waiting period and knowing nothing is painful

  17. My husband Ahmed had his interview at the Embassy in Cairo in January. The consular officer told him to send in some photos of us together and he would receive his visa in 1 month . Instead , his case was put into Administrative Processing . It has been 98 DAYS OF PURE ANGUISH AND WORRY AND NERVES SHOT. I have phoned the Dept. of State and emailed the Embassy over 100 times . They only tell me that it could take 6 months or longer .
    I lived in Egypt with my husband from August to April 2nd , but I had to come home to the U.S. to continue my work and my life here . I don’t know what else to do . I had my congressman do an inquiry and he was told the same thing — processing . The Dept . of State is not helpful whatsoever . This is a horrible ordeal to go through waiting and worrying and not being together to share our life . I never saw this coming when i began the paperwork over a year ago . I feel for all who have to endure this horrible experience . Please email me at -frechette.carol@yahoo.com if you need to talk or anything . I hope time moves fast .

  18. I attended for the visa interview on 2 march and i got administrative processing and my status has been updated on 21st of march(submit passport). I submitted my passport a week after i got a mail from embassy my travel dates have been passed, So i submitted new travel itinerary. But still i haven’t received my visa………. From 23rd march on wards my passport with embassy. Can any one in the same situation……….. or any one have idea how long it’s gonna take……….

  19. Hi to all who have had their passport taken by the Consulate or Embassy and have not received it within 30 days back, regardless of the additional administrative processing or any other issue for that matter. YOU have the right to ask for your passport to be sent back and the processing to continue in the background.

    NO Consulate or Embassy in the world has the right to hold a foreign passport for more than 30 days. I have been in additional administrative processing for over 6 months now, and I applied for a non-immigrant tourist visa. I am not indian and have no names that could trigger any flags. There seems to be a delay of some kind since everywhere online everyone is having this case prolongated for some reason.

    Regardless, write an email or call the Consulate asking for your passport back.

  20. send passport means for issuance of visa or not??????? i got mail from embassy like this on 28th of april…………….
    We can confirm that the nonimmigrant visa unit has received the required documentation. No further action is required from you at this time. Embassy records show that your nonimmigrant visa application is subject to administrative processing, please be assured that as soon as we are able to proceed with your case, you will be notified.

  21. Applied for F1 visa from Toronto. Received yellow slip (administrative process). Waited for three months. Called and was told there’s no update. Received an Email asking me to appear in the embassy again for a second interview. My classes will begin soon and all this waiting times and uncertainty has deprived me of many opportunities I could have. This process is tedious and annoying

  22. appeared for interview on 12/03/2012..for the tourist visa in Kathmandu .the V O interviewed with long questions…why you are going ?with whom you are going?who will pay for you?what occupation do you do?what is your financial situation is ?
    how many kids you have?who is in the U S?etc….
    probably the interview was conducted for 45 to 48 minutes …boring …V O was a lady..
    ending the interviewed she kept mine all documents including my passport and told that i am under administrative processing….
    asked her how long it takes ..as i think it will concludes with in 5 to 7 working days …she did not replied and did not gave me any slips as 221/g..no more evidence i have ….after more than 60 days no more information …no email,phone from their side ….confused either did wrong to apply for the tourist visa ………..!!!!

  23. I had my interview for h1b visa at 15th March and still waiting for the updates. The embassy issued my F1 visa after 40 days. Now its been more than 75 days.
    My employer is putting pressure on me to join to work. This is very frustrating and
    time consuming. Any suggestion? Please

  24. hello everyone, if I understand well I’m in the forum of administrative processing, so I also do my interview last May 9 the embassy of usa has london “Algeria” and the end of my interview the consular officer told me that I had to wait 4 to 6 weeks so that I get my visa and finally it was not the case although they said quils confuse my name with someone who is on the list of observation so I had to wait until they approve that I’m not that person ….. the I wonder for which they have not done this procedure before they call me a glimpse of the momment they have everything coordinated and my result I was oter my passport which I can not travel because of the administrative processing

  25. I had my first visa, F1 cleared in 22 days from Dubai consulate in 2002. I then had my next H1 interview in 2009 and that took an astonishing 155 days to get cleared. I tried everything in the book- had senator, congressman, lawyers etc contact DOS and the embassy to hear back but to no results!
    I will most likely have to travel back home in a few weeks for a wedding. I was wondering if anyone has done the “Is there anything I can do to avoid this in the future?” Its been 3 weeks since I had my fingerprints submitted to FBI for clearance.. I am hoping to hear back in the next 2-3 weeks and then I will have a friend authenticate it from the Dept of State. It’s all probably going to lead me into a blind alley but I want to give everything a shot!

  26. I had my interview last week I am a female but I was put into admin processing, I have no idea how long I’m going to have to wait but from the looks of it the chances of getting ti quickly doesn’t seem high.

  27. Hye I am Haider From Pakistan. I was interviewed on 23-July-2012. yes, Administrative Processing :(. I applied for F1 student visa for 4 year undergraduate. I was given a time frame of approximately 45 days. I was given a white slip and I am not required to submit anything but wait. The Bad thing is my I-20 reporting date to university is 15-Aug-2012 and they can extend it maximum to 1-Sept-2012 or they will defer me in the spring semester.

    The good thing is that my Visa was approved, I am from Pakistan and the hardest Visa to get is for Under-grad students. Almost 95% people are rejected.

    And good luck to all of you students!

  28. Hi,
    I applied B1 business visa on 25 aug 2010 and the case is still under administrative processing for more than 2 years, is there any hope of getting visa now as lot of time has passed.

    Also can some one share the experience where the administrative processing application is refused ?
    Also can I apply again when my application is under administrative processing ?

  29. Our immigration case was approved during Aug 2010 ( Me & my three kids ) . We appeared for the entry visa interview during September 2010 in USA embassy in Amman -Jordan . and our case is pending under administrative processing since that time . I kept checking our case in the U.S. Embassy’s website for any information about our immigrant case processing almost every day with now luck it is now pending for more than 2 years .
    Last June 2012 they asked me to re-submit our passports & medical checks again I thought it is cleared and we will get the visa but again i got back to start point under administrative processing & since that time no new news!!!!!!!
    already give-up hope of this clearance issue .

  30. On 22 November 2011, I did my visa interview in US embassy in Abu Dhabi for my tourism visa, I do every year two trips, the interview was good and the employee asked me about why i wanna travel to US, I replied that i wanna do winter trip there as the summer trip was in switzerland and Germany, he gave me a yellow slip including a case number and he asked me to track my case in the web site, may be because I have common muslim name. on 27 March 2012 I found a message on the web site asking me to drop my passport in the embassy as my AP is completed, I was happy as my case is issued and I can do my summer trip in New york, las vegas, los Angles and san fransesco and may be if I have time to Hawaii too, but my joy did not continue too much, in the same day i found my passport returned back to me by courier and when i went next day to the embassy to ask, the employee in the outside window told me that my case is still under AP, I confused and wondered and i gave him a copy of the US page showing that my case is released but he told me that the employee inside the embassy checked my case and they found it not yet finished. although I’m working in a good sound and reputated american company in Abu Dhabi with a good position but that not enough, the problem that the US web page was continue showing that my case was released and I have to drop my passport, I sent the embassy e-mail saying to them that I’m confused that my case on the US web page still showing that My AP is released and I have to drop my passport, next day of my e mail I found my case status on the internet showing again that my case is turned back to show that my case is still under AP kkkkkkk. anyway the summer trip was also amazing i changed my direction to europe again and i took the chingen visa in 3 working days and UK visa in other 3 working days, I visitid many nice cities in europe including Barcelona and I watched a match for Barcelonna against Valencia and took some photos for Messy in camp nou, also I visited paris, vienna, Monte carlo and monaco, the winter trip will be to London In shaa Allah, and now I’m almost 10 months and half and my case not yet finished in US embassy and really I’m now not too much care about that as really most of the time i’m forgetting that I have a visa processing in the US embassy kkkkkkkk now it is not much important if US embassy issued the visa or not but i’m still check my case every 3 or 4 days for spring trip kkkkkkk

  31. Hi All,

    I went for interview on 7th March 2012 in Ottawa-Canada US emabasy. I am actually from Paksitan but have a PR of Canada and work in company. Visa officer gave me a blue color Admin process paper, saying u r good to get visa but we need to do some formalities of background check. They kept my passport , which I had to ask back after 3 months. I am still waiting for my visa till today. When I email then they say , its still in process , we will get back to u once ur case is cleared from Washington.

  32. hi my visa interview was on 21st june 2012 in Islamabad Embassy Pakistan. Visa officer asked me few questions about reason of my visit, about my work and family. At the end of the interview, he said that your visa is approved but it needs some administrative processing. He said it may take around 6 weeks to complete this processing. It has been 5 and half months and I did not hear any news about anything. Anyone has idea when should i get it? and what are the chances, i would be rejected?

  33. I have been interviewed on 21st march 2012 along with wife for B1/B2. VO approved wife visa and put my case in AP, on 10-dec-2012 I got a call, please submit your passport for further processing. I do no know what is actually this mean, does the visa approved ?

  34. Hi All,
    Given H1-B Visa interview on April 10 2012 at Chennai US Consuloate.VO took my passport with out asking any documents and issued 221g pink slip.Going to complete 9 months still no update.anyone in the same boat?I have a common muslim name

  35. Hello,
    I had an interview on last week in delhi. VO was very friendly and smiling with all the other candidates before me. When my turn came, he saw my name (common muslim name), he became seroius and started asking questions which have answered confidently and rightly. Then he said: “Sir, Please go to counter 30 my collegue will help you with rest of the procedure”.
    @ counter 30, an Indian genetleman took my passport and asked me to leave as it would take more time. I asked him what would be the worst case time, he said there is no worst case and he cant commit date.

    My question is :
    1) I havent got any ackowlegement slip (Green/pink/white) to know what is the status of application
    2) what happens in the case of no slip given and the other counter too no document/personal questions asked though passport is taken ?
    3) Any one has prior experince with this ? how to follow it and any idea how long it would take as I need to plan my travel
    4) I has also scheduled for B2 for my wife/kid, but now I guess I need to cancel it till I get my visa ?

  36. My husband first applied for a visa in 2006. They gave him the interview in June 2007. He did everything they asked for. After all the waiting, they give him a letter in Aug 2008 and said to wait for a consular to call him so he can receive his visa. A few months passed and still NO CALL. He finally tried calling and sending emails, but out of no where, he received the same email everyone else here has been receiving: UNDER ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING.

    We are in 2013 and we STILL receive the same email and STILL NO VISA.

    Has anyone else had to wait this long for a visa?? It’s absolutely ridiculous. They need to fix the way they do things.

  37. My brother’s immigrant visa F2B was sent to Mumbai, India consulate and he had his interview on April 4, 2012. He got 221g form asking for a couple simple documents and checkmark that Administrative Processing will be done and Consulate will contact you.

    Since then he’s been waiting and waiting with the documents ready. The consulate neither accepts the document or advise anything. The online case status says Administrative Processing is being done.

    Any suggestions / comments would help.


  38. I am from Egypt I applied for J1 Visain Cairo on Sep 6th 2012 and my casr got into admin processing

    I was suppoed to travel for an exchange program on Oct 14th 2012 then deferred to Apr 14th 2013

    But after reading each and every comment in this page I GAVE UP ON HAVING MY APP get cleared any time soon

    I wont open the site ir check again

    I am with a common muslim name and I dont care anymore if I travel o US or attend any program in the US or anything of any kind it is jus a country we’re not going to a place in heaven!!!!!!

  39. I have applied for B1 visa and had interview in august but since than they put me on AP and up to date it still says going under AP hhuhhhh what they hell is this i cant even tell how i am bearing this pain in the night 2anm i am writing this shit to xplore my pain my fiance is wiating for me in US and i am stuck in AP bullshit process just being blind and praying to get this thing done huhhh what is this is that any sin being a muslim huhhh my frined had interview at the same day and he got 10years multiple visa infact after 10 days aswell sperately his wife coz they were non muslims…. it is really horrible to admit this that we dont have any time expected to get this shit done really some time i feel like kill my self i cant help anything i cant sleep i cant be relax i cant concentrate because of this process it kept me in dard other than i faught with my fiance as we dont have patiance anymore we cant wait…. i really dont know what should i do i hate this visa process…. huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  40. I have applied for F-1 visa (Tunis,Tunisia) and had interview in October but since that they put me on administrative processing and up to date it still says “your case is still under processing” !!!


  42. i had waiver aproved for i601 and h212 my case been under administrative processing for visa sice sep 30 2011 and up to now still get the same answer under administrative processing it been more than 2 years

  43. Hi. I interviewed for an F1 visa in March 2013 in Canada. My case has been in administrative processing since then (5 months have passed). I missed the summer semester and will likely miss the fall semester.

    It makes me feel better to know that I am not the only person who is struggling with the administrative processing experience. Thank you for sharing.

  44. I applied for the C-1 transit visa since I would go to Canada from Sydney. Long time waiting and am still waiting, but my flight is on next saturday. 🙁

  45. all you can do when you get Ap is to live your life normal work and don’t change any thing you were on just give them their time whether be a month 2 or years ! i know every one same as me missing his familly there but there is nothing no one can do !! it only time to be cleared.

  46. ok.. i got my h1b visa stamped after 8 months But I am not going to US. I am tired of this wait.. I will have to go thru this 221g again and again. So best thing for me now stay out of this. Was not an easy choice. But..

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