HP Grand Tour in London


I’ve been following Eric Kintz’s blog at HP, as his interests there are probably closest to my own. He mentions in one of his posts that HP UK have been sponsoring the National Gallery’s reprinting and display of modern masterpieces (including Monet, which I have now heard described as elevator music for art).

The concept is arresting. It’s tough to walk down the streets of Covent Garden and not notice them, for two reasons – there’s a huge ornate frame to each photo, and the pictures are not of any standard aspect ratio. The biggest two challenges would be working with the relevant London council, and managing to keep every picture free from graffiti. The pictures are prints, and the surface appears to be fairly glossy. One would assume that there is a surface coating which would not allow any external ink to stick (despite my friend Anna’s best efforts).

The reward for HP? Threefold. First, driving footfall to the website noted on the plaque containing the usual associations with HP printing. Second, a brand association with the National Gallery and its stable of works. Third – and hopefully just as important – an opportunity to introduce classical art to those who may not be familiar with it (like me). So, after a few drinks in central London, you really can while away the wee hours contemplating a Caravaggio.






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  1. Shahid- I am happy you enjoyed the post and the exhibition

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