DAK II at Kellogg


I’ve recently come back from the DAK II event for admitted students to Kellogg. It was just freaking awesome. I think I realise now why I got into some schools and not others – the canny buggers in Adcom just knew where I’d feel comfortable.

I intially applied to Kellogg because I had a lovely chat with someone from admissions at a Forte event in London (yes, the one that’s supposed to be for women.)

  • Over the course of the weekend, I met a whole bunch of people who were
    • Interesting
    • Friendly
    • Clever
  • I drank
  • I socialised
  • I discussed theology
  • I talked about work
  • I learned about analysis
  • I learned about strategy
  • I convinced someone to come to Kellogg
  • I lost my jacket


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