MBA Books

Here are the most awesome books I used to prep me for my MBA application. I’ve left out the dross – I heartily recommend these.

  • MBA Admissions Strategy by AV Gordon (ISBN 0-335-21890-3) – A good general WTF orientation which will give you the straight dope.
  • Great Application Essays for Business School by Paul Bodine (ISBN 0-07-145299-0) – Has a shedload of actual example essays that worked for whichever lucky bugger got in.
  • GMAT 800 by Kaplan (ISBN 0-7432-6528-9) – If you’re clever and English is your first language, forget the normal GMAT prep books – they’re too easy. This one isn’t. In fact, it’s an absolute bastard set of questions which are harder than what you’ll see on the GMAT itself. If you can ream this book, you can be fairly confident of a decent GMAT score when you get in.






2 responses to “MBA Books”

  1. Rich

    I agree with the Kaplan 800 comment. I saw other books hoping for “high 600’s” and i felt they were aiming too low. I picked this one up, didn’t look at any other books, and got a 770.

  2. asif

    The Kaplan 800 is over-rated. I love the Manhattan GMAT series, because they focus on content mastery – all the way from basics to 800 level.

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