MBAs in and out of the US

Take a look at the video which I was shown by my pal Steve (who’s also on the way to Kellogg). This was a mainstream ad, featuring an inside joke about MBAs – which would sail right over the head of most people in the UK. More than anything, that illustrates how little brand value the MBA has in the UK (and possibly Europe) compared to the US.






3 responses to “MBAs in and out of the US”

  1. Probably in US is overrated and in UK underrated.

    Who cares???

  2. Well … probably anyone in the UK who’s considering doing an MBA 🙂

    Besides, I think it’s *quite* OK for it to be overrated in the US!

  3. If we stay in US i agree, if not we should start thinking how to change that image 😉

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