More Handshake Protocols

Two more handshakes to draw to your attention.

Fists: The first is very simple – offer a fist, with the back of your hand pointing upwards. Usually you’ll get the same side as reciprocation, i.e. if you offer a left fist, you’ll see their right fist. These then touch knuckle to knuckle. Nice and simple.

Claws: The second is a complication of an earlier entry. After completing the brother style handshake described in the earlier post, switch directly into the following. Orientate the hand vertically – if you’re using your right hand, palm facing left. Relax the thumb, and curl the fingers so the fingernails are pointing back towards you. Your fingers should now be making a claw shape, and your handshake partner will be doing the same. To complete the handshake, briefly connect the two claws, pull back towards yourself to create some pressure, and release.

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  1. This is hilarious–I love your National Geographic-esque take on American ‘handshaking protocols’.

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