UI Design Principles from Mozilla Labs

As part of the Labs concept series, I attended an online talk by Alex Faaborg from Mozilla UX, presenting Jakob Nielsen’s 10 principles for software usability design. They are simple and useful, so here they are. Keep system status visible: Is there a web page loading right now? Am I in private browsing mode? The… Continue reading UI Design Principles from Mozilla Labs

Lawrence Lessig at the Kellogg School of Management

This week I was delighted to have the opportunity to hear Lawrence Lessig – all-round free culture badass – speak at Kellogg, and was not disappointed. Lawrence has shifted his focus away from IP law and policy, and towards fixing broken government. This was, I admit, a slight disappointment – it makes sense to try… Continue reading Lawrence Lessig at the Kellogg School of Management

Pricing your Product

Pricing a product (or service) is hard, and there’s no set way of doing it – but there are few things to bear in mind. Cost Plus Pricing If it costs you $100 to make a product, it might make sense to price it at, say $120 to give you a $20 margin. This does… Continue reading Pricing your Product

Finance Glossary for Dummies

Like technology, finance is an area replete with cool sounding words that no one outside finance understands. The dirty secret – they rarely mean anything complicated. So here’s a simple glossary of terms to help you understand what the hell finance people are talking about. Debt: Money that you owe to someone. Equity: Money that… Continue reading Finance Glossary for Dummies

Perception Of Pricing

Evil marketing at its finest: We all know that price promotions usually give an uptick in sales, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re actually cutting price – it only matters whether customers think you’re cutting price. Case in point: GM’s “Employee Discount” pricing, launched on 2005, turned out to be hugely successful for the company… Continue reading Perception Of Pricing

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Mozilla Labs Concept Series: Pie Assisted Gestures

A few days ago, Mozilla Labs invited students to answer the question: “What would a browser look like if the Web was all there was? No windows, no unnecessary trappings. Just the Web.” I thought I’d take a crack at it myself, even though I’m clearly going to get my ass kicked by the engineering… Continue reading Mozilla Labs Concept Series: Pie Assisted Gestures

Non-Web Monetisation

This week, I gave a short talk on tech business model basics to the Kellogg High Tech Club. I was following an excellent talk by a colleague on web monetisation, so I focused on non-web monetisation. We weren’t able to snag a video camera, but I did punch up some audio and sync it to… Continue reading Non-Web Monetisation

Management For Engineers

It’s been a little while since I posted, and here’s why – I’ve been starting a new website called Management For Engineers. I originally started knocking together material for this towards the end of last year. As we progress and get more responsibility, engineers often go into management. At the same time, we have been… Continue reading Management For Engineers

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Philadelphia Airport Runs OS X

… but it misbehaves, just like every other operating system. I’ve seen Windows crash in environments like this quite a few times. Not seen a Linux / Unix crash yet, but I’m sure it’s out there.

Best Buy Vending Machines

You may have caught a previous post here on iPod vending machines. During a trip through LAX, I noticed that these machines are being used by Best Buy to sell a variety of electronics to bored travellers – headphones, flip style camcorders, and of course, iPods. Personally, I was just curious when I was snapping… Continue reading Best Buy Vending Machines