Restoring your Linux partition in rEFIt

If your lovely Linux icon has, for whatever reason, disappeared from rEFIt to be replaced by the generic icon (or just vanished completely), here’s how to fix it.

rEFIt, a wonderful boot manager for Mac, peers at all of your partitions when it boots, takes a guess at what OS is on there and shows and entry in the larger icon list at the top. To figure out that you have a Linux partition, it will look at the MBR of that partition and go from there.

If your icon has disappeared or been replaced with the generic one, this is where the problem is. So here’s how to fix it.

  • Boot into Linux using a Live CD like the Ubuntu Ibex install CD.
  • Open up a terminal.
  • “sudo grub”
  • Now, find your Linux partition with “find /vmlinuz”
  • It will return (hd0,2) or similar. Use this to install grub like this: “root(hd0,2)” and then “setup(hd0,2)” and finally “quit”.

Once you reboot, your rEFIt icon should be restored, and you should be able to boot back into Linux no problem.


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