The No Bullshit Guide to Product Management

The No Bullshit Guide to Product ManagementThe No Bullshit Guide to Product Management goes step by step through the planning and development process for building a software product.

There are lots of books out there that started great, but were padded out to create a tome that won’t fall over on a shelf and can be sold for twenty bucks. This isn’t one of those. There’s no filler material, no pointless repetition and no jargon.

Here’s what’s inside:

  1. How to prepare before starting.
  2. The step-by-step process of building a product.
  3. Iterating to make your product better.
  4. How best to work with every member of a product team.

Should I read this book?

You should get this book if:

  • You’re already in or about to start a product manager role building software – something on the web, or for a mobile or embedded device. (If you work in consumer goods or any other industry, try something else.)
  • You don’t have the time or patience for a fat textbook.
  • You cringe at words like synergy, vision and “action” as a verb.

Where can I get it?

Right here!


27 responses to “The No Bullshit Guide to Product Management”

  1. Faiza Hammad Avatar
    Faiza Hammad

    Hey Shahid,

    Hope you’re doing great!! How’s London treating you? Any plans of going to Wikia now that Jimmy Wales will be running a London office?

    Just came across your book and am excited to read it. I don’t have a Kindle, is it possible to buy a printed copy or e-book?

    Ok hear soon.


  2. Shahid Avatar

    Hey Faiza – I’ll shoot you an email back. 🙂

  3. Marissa Avatar

    I’d love to get a copy, but I don’t have a Kindle. Any way to get a PDF version or something similar? I also have a Nook.

  4. Shahid Avatar

    Hey Marissa – I’ve just emailed you back a note.

  5. vlad Avatar

    hey Shahid, I got excited about the book, and want to read it, but i don’t have a kindle. any chance to provide the book in a PDF or paper format?

  6. Shahid Avatar

    Hey Vlad – I’ll drop you a note.

  7. Dave Avatar

    Hi Shahid – If there is a possibility to get a PDF or paper copy, I’d also be interested!

  8. Shahid Avatar

    Hi Dave – I’ll drop you a note.

  9. Misha Avatar

    Hi Shahid,

    I would be very happy if you could provide a pdf copy. I don’t own a Kindle and an iPhone is just simply not designed for reading books.

    Best regards,


  10. Shahid Avatar

    Hey Misha – I’ll drop you a note.

  11. William Sharp Avatar

    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I enjoyed the book very much. The book lives up to the title. It was full of good, basic advice for any product manager. I would love to know if you are planning on another book.

  12. Shahid Avatar

    William – thank you for the kind note, I’m glad you found it useful. I’ll definitely be writing some more in the future.

  13. Kuru Avatar

    Hey Shahid,

    Is it possible to buy a pdf copy?
    Let me know, thanks.


  14. Shahid Hussain Avatar

    Kuru – I’ll drop an email over to you.

  15. Steve Avatar

    Hi Shahid,

    Is it possible for me to buy a PDF copy? Thanks.

  16. Shahid Hussain Avatar

    Steve – I’ll send you a note. Thanks for the interest.

  17. Patrick Avatar

    Hi Shahid — I’d love to buy a PDF copy. How would I go about doing that? Thanks.

  18. Shahid Hussain Avatar

    Patrick – thanks for reaching out. I’ve sent you a note.

  19. John Avatar

    Hey Shahid! I’m a former developer looking to get into product management and keen to read this! Where can I purchase a pdf copy from?

  20. Shahid Hussain Avatar

    John – welcome to product management! I’ve sent you a note.

  21. Ali Naqvi Avatar
    Ali Naqvi

    Hello Shahid,
    I do not own a Kindle. Where can I purchase a pdf version of your book?


    Ali Naqvi

  22. Shahid Hussain Avatar

    Ali – thanks for reaching out. I’ll ping you a note.


  23. Alexey Avatar

    Hi, Shahid
    I need pdf version too.

    Maksimachev Alexey

  24. Shahid Hussain Avatar

    No problem – I’ve emailed you about it.

  25. Emma Avatar

    Hi Shahid,

    As above, can you send me details about the PDF option? Thanks.

  26. Shahid Hussain Avatar

    Hi Emma – I’ve pinged you a note.

  27. Frances Avatar

    Hello Shahid, I just read your post on customer acquisition for your mobile app. The calculations make a lot of sense and we are in the midst of creating our dashboard to watch this funnel. The first column talks about paying for email addresses. Is this the only way to acquire customers for a consumer mobile app? I’d love some ideas.


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