There Is No Poop On The Pavement

As above. I live in the only block of flats in Evanston that allows dogs, so I would expect dog poop density to vary like this:

P = K * ([(r+1)^2] - [(Dr+1)^2])

P is poop density (unit volume per unit area)
K is a constant (a factor of the number of dogs in the building and their food intake volume)
r is the distance from my block of flats
D is the "shitting on your own doorstep" constant

However, K is a very low number. I have seen the occasional dog owner with canine in tow, but I have not seen one without the regulation scooper. Sadly, both K and D are significantly higher in the UK.

More: Kellogg has a wonderful invention called the “Honour Code”, which is a long winded way of saying, to quote Bill S. Preston Esq., “Be excellent to each other”. This was printed on the front of my midterm before we started, and during the course of the exam the Prof actually left the room several times. No furtive glances. No whispers of discussion. It’s a small thing I know, but it’s so nice to be in an environment where trust is not taken advantage of.

The only issue is a consistent misspelling of the word “honour”.


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  1. Jeremy S.

    I found your blog about a month ago while doing research on MBA programs. Love it! I check for new posts a couple times per week. Your comments on American culture are particularly enjoyable, being a native Midwesterner myself. Good luck in your studies and keep the blog entries coming!

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