Good To Great by Jim Collins

I recently finished reading “Good To Great”, which is a bestseller on how good companies are different from great companies in terms of their management structure. First, a quick review – after reading this book, I can’t help but get the sense that someone has baked a cake and covered it with turd. This may… Continue reading Good To Great by Jim Collins

Beyond Collaborative Marketing

There’s a ridiculous amount of content to read on the rise of collaborative marketing – the idea that instead of a mass media source talking to the masses, internet media will open a dialogue with everyone. This is just asking marketing to wake up and realise what’s already happened – people see your ads, but… Continue reading Beyond Collaborative Marketing

De Beers Case Study

Carrying on the MBA content series, I’d like to highlight a case study we ran through last term on DeBeers. It’s a pretty standard study that I expect a lot of business schools use. I hope you’ll find it illustrative. Almost every business school student knows that the value of diamonds is vastly inflated, and… Continue reading De Beers Case Study

Scope Extension and Acquisitions

Carrying on the MBA content series, I’m going to talk a little about why a company might want to acquire new capabilities, either by buying companies or creating a competency internally. So, let’s take the example of a vertical chain (i.e. a chain inside one industry): Supplier -> Company -> Customer For example, this could… Continue reading Scope Extension and Acquisitions

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Employee Turnover

Please welcome a new post category, MBA Content. When searching for an MBA, I often wondered what on earth people do for two years, and this category will help answer that question. I’ll be including a few things that we’ve been squirreling away on that I’ve found particularly interesting or surprising. This first note definitely… Continue reading Employee Turnover