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  • The Smart Rebel

    Fact is, a lot of the class of 2009 will be graduating Kellogg without a job. Another fact – there are, for sure, jobs out there. Some might think that this situation is wrong, the students are to blame, the school is to blame, and we should just get a job, whatever it is. But […]

  • Lawrence Lessig at the Kellogg School of Management

    This week I was delighted to have the opportunity to hear Lawrence Lessig – all-round free culture badass – speak at Kellogg, and was not disappointed. Lawrence has shifted his focus away from IP law and policy, and towards fixing broken government. This was, I admit, a slight disappointment – it makes sense to try […]

  • The Rocket Pockets, Live At The Ski Trip Reveal

  • Admiral Tom Zelibor at Kellogg

    I had the pleasure of meeting a Naval Rear Admiral today (specifically this one), who’s now a Dean at a Naval War College. I resisted the temptation to call him “sir”, and we chatted about his views on leadership. Here‘s Kellogg’s note on the same. He was wonderfully direct in his communication. Here are some […]

  • Business Leadership Club – Utah 2008

    As I start my travels to start the Utah Business Leadership Trek, I peer out through the porthole of my vehicle. Denver. Planes with propellors. Grand Junction. I cling to my phone. EDGE signal unavailable. Utah. Fewer bars. Crazy bus drivers. Last Facebook status update. Dirt tracks. Red sand. No signal. This is a bad […]

  • Mike Shaver at the Kellogg Technology Conference

    This afternoon, I had the pleasure of introducing Mike Shaver, Chief Evangelist for the Mozilla Foundation (above) as a keynote speaker for the 2008 Technology Conference here at Kellogg. In addition, we welcomed Jeff Bell, Marketing VP from Microsoft, Satjiv Chahil from HP. When we originally put the speaker lineup together, I wanted to introduce […]

  • The Rocket Pockets

    I understand that Kellogg has a reputation for being a party school. This is just not true – people here take academics very seriously, and I’m still catching up on loss of sleep from midterms. … but that’s me on the right of stage.

  • There Is No Poop On The Pavement

    As above. I live in the only block of flats in Evanston that allows dogs, so I would expect dog poop density to vary like this: P = K * ([(r+1)^2] – [(Dr+1)^2]) P is poop density (unit volume per unit area) K is a constant (a factor of the number of dogs in the […]

  • Nobility

    Here’s what a Nobel laureate looks like: Kellogg today hosted a short love-in with Roger Myerson, who by all accounts is a brilliant economist and an OK tutor who tried hard with the students. He sounded like a scientist at heart, which I appreciate – being, to quote Vonnegut, a “half-assed scientist”. He excited me […]

  • Akamai CEO imparts wisdom

    I’ve just come back from the NUVC kickoff event, where the featured speaker was Paul Sagan, CEO of Akamai. For the Geeks No self respecting geek doesn’t know who Akamai are – they are the largest B2B caching service available, and they partner with people like Apple, Yahoo and now Facebook to make sure that […]