Management For Engineers

It’s been a little while since I posted, and here’s why – I’ve been starting a new website called Management For Engineers.

I originally started knocking together material for this towards the end of last year. As we progress and get more responsibility, engineers often go into management. At the same time, we have been trained with a set of skills that make us great at dealing with some things, like logic and measures, while not as good at understanding other things like, well, what managers do all day.

I hope that the site will encourage engineers to think more deeply about management, and see it as a fun challenge rather than a pain in the ass.

Clear Admit Best Of Blogging Award

So I won … something. It looks like I’ve been awarded a “Best Representation Of Academics” award from Clear Admit. Personally, I’m just scratching my own itch – I didn’t know what the hell MBA students actually did during the course, and spewing out content is helping me structure my own thoughts now that I’m here. It’s great to get some recognition, but most importantly, I hope this is helping someone out there.


A new “Music” section has been added to this site. For the moment, there’s only one track – more will arrive with the muse of fire.

WordPress 403 Error

As seems to be a common theme, I was getting a 403 error when trying to change the name of this blog. The solution was in this thread – it was the mod_security module of Apache getting in the way, and adding these lines to Apache:

SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

… disabled mod_security for my domain, and let me change the blog name. Personally, I removed them afterwards – I like having mod_security enabled.


Every good venture starts out with a statement of purpose. In order:

  • To update family and friends on my misbehaviour while I’m away
  • To be a somewhat useful resource for tech and business tricks
  • To give prospective Kellogg MBAs an idea of life there

To anyone who doesn’t know (including anyone at work who is keeping a beady eye on me), I’m leaving the UK in Autumn for two years to start an MBA at Kellogg, in Evanston, IL. I’ll be leaving behind a lot of people that matter to me, and a blog seems like the most sensible way of staying up to date. (This is especially for my mum – normally having a parent on the internet is a worry, but in this case I’m really glad.)

I’ve always believed that the Internet is one place where people give freely – media, ideas, assistance – and I benefit from that every day. I can’t count the times when I’ve had a problem at work, and have just fired up Google to find an answer. I would very much like to give something back.

One of those things has been choosing an MBA school. I’ve found MBA blogs to be a little sporadic, but very helpful nonetheless. So I’ll be writing a little about Kellogg and how I’m getting on with it during my time there. I hope you find it useful – and if there are any prospectives out there with specific questions, just add a comment.