Category: Design

  • Testing for the user’s experience

    Testing your product isn’t only about user interface – where a user gets confused, and so on. It’s also about uncovering niggly little problems like this: They aren’t the only ones. Here’s Amazon, which has free super-saver delivery in the US for orders over $25: This is an opportunity for an online store to delight […]

  • Unsubscribe easily

    I hit “unsubscribe”, only to see this: Worse: completing it doesn’t get you a confirmation that you’re unsubscribed, or even that they’ll think about. I wanted to write “you smell like a week old fish” in each of the confirmation fields, but then I definitely wouldn’t be unsubscribed. Original site

  • How to use pagination on your website

    Splitting content up into pages is pretty common on the web – you might see it in articles, comments, search results, or other lists of data. Want to use pagination? Let’s take a look at the options available to you. Option one: links to new page Having separate web pages for each page of content […]

  • Making interface animation useful

    Many interfaces on the web contain some kind of animation. We’ve had Flash for a long time, and with jQuery and HTML5 it’s become even easier to add animation. Should we do it? People hold these two views about interface animations: Take the animations off! They are slow and I want to concentrate on function […]