Testing for the user’s experience

Testing your product isn’t only about user interface – where a user gets confused, and so on. It’s also about uncovering niggly little problems like this:

They aren’t the only ones. Here’s Amazon, which has free super-saver delivery in the US for orders over $25:

This is an opportunity for an online store to delight users by saying, “You haven’t quite met the minimum spend for free delivery, but what the hell – we’ll give it to you anyway.” The sale goes through, users were pleased that you were nice to them, and they’re more inclined to come back next time.


One response to “Testing for the user’s experience”

  1. Haha! I’ve reacted to that particular problem with Amazon. In meatspace, .99 price tags used to be only about the psychology of making the price look lower. In interwebspace it’s now about robbing people of their free shipping…

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