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I hit “unsubscribe”, only to see this:

Worse: completing it doesn’t get you a confirmation that you’re unsubscribed, or even that they’ll think about. I wanted to write “you smell like a week old fish” in each of the confirmation fields, but then I definitely wouldn’t be unsubscribed.

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  1. Yucky! Although I found something interesting. “If you wish to change the email address e-Pidge is sent to, you can update your details online”. Aha! Click “update your details”. Two clicks later you’re here. Log in. Maybe you can unsubsribe more easily that way. If not, at least the first page promises you can change the e-mail address. Open a temporary account if it requires activation and then delete said account. (Or a Mailinator “account” as far as anyone cares.)

    And this is why I create a unique account @gg8.se (my domain) for anything that might send any kind of unwanted stuff. Even for “suspicious” sites. Might catch them selling my address to spammers one year later. Happened more than once, and lets me track it back to the source…

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